So you've done your homework and you have found your next vehicle. Taking a test drive is your next step. Some people overlook the importance of the test drive. No matter how much online research you do, you will not know if the vehicle is truly the right one for you until you get behind the wheel. Here are the top 10 things to do when you go on a test drive.

  1. Allow at least half an hour during the test drive and drive on all kinds of roads.  
  2. Get in and out of the vehicle using all doors. 
  3. Try reversing into a parking space to check all round vision and blind spots.
  4. Check the space for your regular shopping bags, luggage, golf clubs, etc  
  5. Make sure there is room for all your passengers.
  6. Test the brakes and acceleration.
  7. Take as many turns during the test drive to make sure you are comfortable with the ride.
  8. Drive uphill and downhill so you have a better feeling for the vehicle. 
  9. Test headlights, turn signal, windshield wipers and all the vehicle features.
  10. Give yourself enough time to make the final decision on whether you should purchase the vehicle.