You should always check your car's owner manual  to confirm how your car should be maintained. There is nothing wrong, however, with maintaining your car beyond the manufacturer's recommendations. This can, in fact, prove to be beneficial for your car. Always use parts and lubricants that are manufacturer approved.   Below is a basic maintenance schedule that you can use for your vehicle.

 Auto Maintenance Item Mileage or Time
 Inspect lights and check tire pressure Monthly
 Oil & filter change and chassis lubrication 5,000 km or 3 months
 Under-hood belt and hose inspection 5,000 km or 3 months
 Tire rotation and wheel balancing 10,000 km or every other oil change
 Brake inspection 10,000 km or every other oil change
 Replace air filter Every oil change or more frequently with heavy use
 Replace fuel filter Every 20,000 - 40,000 km / 2 years
 Automatic transmission service Every 40,000 km or 2 years
 Wheel alignment check Between 20,000 - 40,000 km or as indicated by tire wear
 Cooling system flush and refill Every 80,000 - 100,000 km 
 Belt and hose replacement 100,000 - 160,000 km or 5 - 8 years
 Engine timing belt replacement   Between 100,000 - 160,000 km (when equipped) or 5- 8 years
 Air conditioning performance check Annually, usually in the spring